I Am The Poet King

I assert my bloodline to extend through my people's mind

To provide the answers they need to find

I am the scepter that defines

I am the sword that cuts the knotted twine

I am the boat upon which Quetzalcoatl returns

I am the truth my people must learn

I am the crown they must earn

I am the future they must yearn

I am the slayer of our foes

I am the stories they must know

I am the reason their seeds must be sown

I am the most important prize they will ever own

I am the Poet King of the Indio species

Destined to be torn into infinite pieces

I am the bloodline your enemy wishes to cease

I am the only protector of your children

Everyone else, even you, will only try to kill them

I am the river clean enough to drink from

My poems are the sources, my people, must think from

My poems are scriptures more sacred than a god

My poems reveal truth & expose veiled fraud

I am the Poet King of a very distinct race

Beneath the Mask of Eternity, you will find only my face


by Analogous to Tower 7 Ameaning

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