I Am The Sea...

Poem By Sapna Goel

I am the sea

Everyday millions of people come to me

Some to laze

Some to gaze into my seamless horizon

Some to admire my varied shades of Blue

Some to soak their tired feet in my refreshing saltiness

Some to drown away their overbearing sadness

Some to forget a bad memory

Others to relive good ones.

To some, I am a distance that separates

To others a means of reaching their loved ones

In my fold live millions of creatures, Colours..LIFE..

I hide treasures yet undiscovered, possibilities infinite!

I am a means of livelihood, a giver, a bestow-er, a leaser of Life

And also.. a taker, an angry monster, a destroyer, cause-r of strife..

Like unending glass…I reflect

I am a mood changer..

I absorb what you feel..

With my soothing murmurs

I ease all your pain..

Take in your sorrows, your joys, your hurts and tears..

But do you ever wonder where I go to weep?

Where do, my treasures, I keep?

To who I turn when I need release?

Ever wondered if there is someone I lost?

Something I seek?

That I may have my own secrets to keep..

Comments about I Am The Sea...

Lovely, very inspired write.
beautifully portrayed..
Beautifully portrayed...luved it :)

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