I Am The Youth Of Today

Poem By katie

i am the hoodie you pass on the street
i am the one you dread to meet
i am the one in the park
i am the one who stands outside in the dark
i am the one who stands in a gang
i am the one you look at when you hear a bang
i am the drunken youth
i am the binge drinking culture thats so uncouth
i am the thing you detest
while i sit here distressed
about all the exams i have to complete
and all the sport events in which i have to compete
the duke of edinburghs expedition
but all you see is my hooded disposition
i am the one stood out side your local shop
i am your next local cop

Comments about I Am The Youth Of Today

I like this poem. The last line 'I am your next local cop' gives it a twist. Are you the under cover police or are you the next to be arrested? I am unclear but it gives your poem an undecided element that is interesting. nice poem 10/10.
ofcourse thats the youth of today.......hope situation changes........ good work
great poem katie it shows great promise. Dan

3,7 out of 5
5 total ratings

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