AM (12 /09/1985 / Harare zimbabwe)

I Am Though Not

I am though not

Alone but not lonely
Choice gratifies not circumstance
Choosing, not at all granted.
Personality hundred plus not attitude.

Playing hard though not in hardship.
A game of mind genius-like and never stranded
Been there a grand times still no tire.
Goals make it count not truce.

Composed not complacent,
Giving not to lose but to counter on comfort.
It's a master who knows weaknesses of a student,
Not some other way round.
Will not let expertise drag me away,
Rather give fools the benefit of the doubt.

So mad but not crazy
Obsessed with success though not foolish to get it in my head.
There is more to life than just money.
There are things money cannot buy.

Yes there is arrogance but it's worse to be egoistic.
Born a champion and maintaining that mustn't be misjudged.
People will but it isn't their call.
Still sober in personality rather than getting drunk in attitude.

by Alison Mujati

Comments (8)

Feelings! ! Giving not to lose. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Wow, great poem. I love the contrast and conviction in the lines. Very serious yet powerful mood. I enjoyed reading it Alison Mujati. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing. I give it a 10 out of 10.
Such an insightful poem...will make the readers think deeply..thank you so much for sharing...10++++++++++
It is an excellent poem. Thank you for sharing it.
for sure know your worth and keep your feet on your ground always
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