I Am Tired Of Being Tired

Poem By georgios andritsos

I am tired of my morning torturer
dragging me out of my warm bed
throwing me into the morning ritual
of washing, of dressing
of eating breakfast
together with broken dreams
together with eyes filled with sleep.

I am tired of trotting to the subway
of the polluted air
of the piercing sounds of metal
packed inside tubes among
pale faces
vacant eyes
yawns and bad breaths.

I am tired of my office job
of ringing telephones
of pounding away on keyboards
the muffled voices
the meetings, the memos
the artificial politeness
a place where competition is valued as a virtue.

I am tired of pushing the shopping cart
thinking of what to cook
an army of products on the shelves
corrupting my vision
the long human lines
the bored but
cheerful scanners.

I am tired of trudging home
loaded down with food
cooking, and listening to my teeth
working on chicken wings
washing it down with beer
doing the dishes and
washing my clothes.

I am tired of putting the trash out
breathing in the stench of urine
pollution, tapas and marijuana
climbing up steep steps to
to my shared life
to my small room
feeling a dent in my soul.

I am tired of brushing my teeth
in front of the mirror
my fatigue patting me on my shoulder
my mortality giving me a thin smile
going to sleep afraid of dying and
dreaming dreams, and
battling with nightmares.

I am tired of being tired.

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