I Am Very Complex

trust on that most can't figure me out
I speak the truth write how I feel
I can be sweet even have a sweet side
can be deadly I'm very venomous too
if you cross me get on my bad side
I'll show you my wrath use my stinger
you won't see it coming

by Leah Ross

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Maybe, but you haven't showed me anything complex. Show me a vignette. Show me a Molly Brown. There are neither heads nor tails.
thank you very much for this poem and your open mind and very self-reflexive poem. thank you dear poetess.
Yikes! a warning to heed! ! ! thanks for the warning. i'll have to run out and replenish my wasp repellent supply! ! ! to MyPoemList [trying to get on your 'good side'] bri ;)
To me, you're not complex at all. you make perfect sense especially your poems
Leah Scorpion Ross....