Why Unjustified

Why unjustified
September 10,2018

Tricks, complexity, dishonesty with tendency to earn popularity!
Feel proud being greedy, copying others, claiming superiority! !

Popularity is cheap but it endorses powers!
It is democracy to produce leaders, slave masters! !

Production is on and on in the factory!
Never stopped formula in the history! !

Politics and religions need each other, they walk side by side!
Still, people are in fear, refugees are everywhere! Unjustified! !

Only those Pharaohs were defeated to armies of Prophets!
But newer Pharaohs took over as governments, syndicates! !

Same satanic system, same wine with various colorful bottles!
Foolish voters got fancy bags but bottoms are with bigger holes! !

There is a way to go back to the state of nature to own territory!
Need parents, teachers and no prison-country, no weaponry! !

by Chan Mongol

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