KNS (July 14,1965 / New York)

I Am Waiting For You

My heart is crying it needs to be loved; my true desire is for you to fit like a glove.
I am waiting for you to save my life, take my hand and let me be your wife.
I love you with heart filled of tears the time that we share is showing me fear.
I am waiting for you to find your way home, I can see you are confused and lost out in the storm.
I am waiting for you to open your eyes and get a clear picture of what can I be in your life.
I am waiting to be held, waiting to be loved, waiting for the time that you could be my love, the way that I have always loved you.
How much longer should I wait? How much longer will it be? If love doesn't fade, then we will see just how much longer I will wait for thee.

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