I Am What I Am

My life has become what it is by God's Grace and His Grace all alone,
For God chose me and sought me out, to make me one of His very own.

He provided in my life a witness through my wife of what I could be,
Though they were once darkened, through my eyes, His Grace I can see.

Because I never read it, I knew not the Truths in the Bible at all,
And that I was a sinner destined for Hell because of Adam's fall.

I was taught to believe that there was a God in the heavens up above,
But never was I told about God's Grace, Mercy and His Abundant Love.

I thought that my living a good life down on earth was simply enough,
For me to go into heaven when I died, to be with The Lord up above.

When I realized it was not me at all but only the Blood of The Cross,
The Lord filled me with His desire to share the Gospel with the lost.

When I began, the one thing that I lacked was the boldness to share,
The Eternal Truth of how The Lord loved me and how much He did care.

As I read the Bible, my first example was John the Baptist for sure,
When speaking of Jesus, he said, “I must be less so He can be more.”

This then filled me with The Lord's boldness and a new Eternal sight,
And with my eyes now on Eternity, Jesus became the center of my life.

I can truly say as the Apostle Paul did and with the same humble nod,
Today I am what I am, truly and only by the Grace of Almighty God.

(Copyright © 06/2002)

by Bob Gotti

Comments (1)

I don't mark it down for the subject matter but simply for the very weak rhyming-scheme. If one is attempting to show fervent devotion, the words could be unhindered and boundless. Here, they confine any sense of awe. There is a distinct lack of imagination in this here piece of prose...very flat and oddly asthetic (though obviously not 'atheistic') ...much too flat to be trying to relay majesty and awe.