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I Am What I Am, A Woman
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I Am What I Am, A Woman

I am what I am, does not matter what you think
I will never submit to your unjust demands
and whims, go ahead call me a fink
What you think of me is your problem not mine
I will take off my veil of silence,
dance bare foot, giggle and wear Sun Shine
I will shatter the age old shackle that was imposed on my mind
Made me cripple, conditioned me to think
inferior, a prisoner of mankind
Kept me locked up in dark dungeon, told me education is a sin
Planted fear in my mind for you to dominate and grin
You robbed my freedom, took away my right to be free
For all my wants and needs I had to beg on my knee
Finally I see HIS light that was dormant in me
I am in control, found my inner me with a golden key
In your ignorance lies my power, your old tricks work no more
I dare you to fathom me, things are not the same as before
I am what I am, A WOMAN forever young and free
An awesome new Me, I want the whole world to see

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