"I Am Who I Am." (Yahweh)

Poem By Kenneth Maswabi

Many are confused
When God calls Himself "I AM WHO I AM"
Bewildered by His peculiar name
They have so many questions
And so many ideas
About why he gives Himself this name

I am who I am
Tells a story of pure humility
An existence purely moulded by Love
An absence of Ego
A brutal revelation of our own origin
A fantastic name only reserved for the Most High

I am who I am
No beginning nor end
The everlasting Spring of Love
The eternal path of Light
The most beautiful mystery illuminated
The Alpha and the Omega

"I am who I am
I am that I am
I am what I am
I will be what I will be
I create what(ever)I create." (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The mystery of this name is not a mystery
The name illuminates the pureness of the Holy Spirit
The everlasting path of Love
The intensity of the eternal light
The most magnificent existence in the whole of eternity

Comments about "I Am Who I Am." (Yahweh)

Very nice poem. We have an expression similar to it in Sanskrit ‘Sa aham’ and ‘Sa Wah’ ie (what ever is That so I am or we are reflecting the divinity with in us. Thanks for sharing Kenneth.

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