I Am With You

Even if the sky changes its colour,
With an idle world anew,
The water starts owning hue,
And the birds stop singing, don't worry I'll be there.

Even if your relatives make threats,
And the friendly wind stops from flowing,
To make things worse the fishes forget swimming,
I'll be there beside you ‘my dear' even after the sun rests.

Even if you want not to think about me,
The sweet memories'll keep reminding,
And the internal wall slowly but surely be breaking,
Into thousands of pieces, you shall see.

Even if Zeus descends to win you over,
As Derrida says, my 'imaginary presence in absence''ll sentinel,
Your soul, chastity and the self on the whole,
Like Jane Eyre don't you let your hope and faith expire.

Even if the words die out from earth's exterior,
The rainbow and the clouds feel reluctant to come into sight,
Even if your empathy is not convenient,
You'll see me stretching my arms to embrace, yes I'll be there!

by Md. Ziaul Haque

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