I Am Within Your Divine Ring, My Dear

I am within your divine ring, my dear,
I know you are the real ecstasy here.
You are my love and it is not possible
To leave the love at any situation.
Let me remember you every morn and eve
With your eternal fame
Let me see your arms that spreads
to embrace all and all.
I feel your presence everywhere,
You are the only truth and only fortune,
I am your product and how can I leave you?
Leaving the root on the part of the plant
Or tree is really not practicable.
And I am yours and here under your divine ring.

by Gajanan Mishra

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an introspection of One's self, to whom all is the source of everything....just like mirror of what is reality a profoundness of what is the truth of who we are in this universe. Beautifully crafted of the Absolute Being. a 10/10