I Am Woman

I am Kali.
I am Chaos.
I am Cleopatra.
I am Scylla and Charybdis singing a siren’s song.

Can you hear me?
Do you want me?

Of course you do!
What man does not want to possess all that is not his?
Especially those things that seem to belong to a rival.

And yet, I will have you know,
I am free, truly free.
Unbound, unfettered, unpossessed.
I belong to everyone and no one.

But you belong to me!

Can’t you feel the churning in your gut?
Can’t you feel the avalanche of your world falling apart and rolling over you?

I am the Rite of Passion.
I am the Strait of Seeing.
I am the Entrance to Everything.

No, I am not the Cave of Wonders.
You will not find mountains of gold or treasure boxes filled with jewels.
I sense you have enough of those already.

In me you will find emptiness.
In me you will find peace.

Find my entrance and break my seal,
Give yourself to me completely.
You will find all of your desires sated.
Simply because they have left you.

You are free, now.
Free to be,
Simply be.

So who are you?
Who do you want to be?

In that, I am your genie.
I am the magic mirror the queen peered into.
I will show you your true self.
I will show you your future self.
I will show you the man beneath the mask.

Are you ready?
Or are you afraid of the barbarian you have been keeping behind bars?
Let him out.
He is Adam.
Now search for Eve.

In me you will find paradise.
In the simplicity of a garden.
Under the shade of a tree.
With nothing more to share than an apple.

Take a bite!
Follow me!

I have a whole new world to create.
I am looking for a partner.

Do you have the vision I seek?
I believe you do.

The first step is into my arms.
The next is into the future.
From there on, it is virgin territory.
The stone is cold and bare.
What will you etch to leave as a sign for others to follow?
What will you design to lead others to a new tomorrow?

I’m breathless with anticipation.
I’m bloated with hope.
I’m sated with the satisfaction of having found you.

by Suzanne Hayasaki

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