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I Am Woman

I am woman,
Proud and free,
More to me,
Than what you see,
I stand alone,
A world apart,
Just holding fast,
To wayward heart.

I am healer,
Poet too,
I see colour,
Rainbow hue,
All at one,
With God above,
Forever bright,
Eternal love.

I am fire,
Burning gold,
Cold as ice,
If truth be told,
Just a spark,
Light a flame,
Glowing embers,
Die again.

From the ashes,
Rise once more,
Just passing through,
An open door,
Looking back,
From up ahead,
Now hear the fools,
They call me dead.

I am spirit,
Pure and bright,
Rising up,
To meet the light,
I enter there,
The realms of love,
It’s all around,
Below, above.

My kindred souls,
Enfold me there,
And full of joy,
I ask them,
Should I now be,
So bright and free,
For I am woman,
I am me.

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