The Bridge Over Troubled Waters

The bridge over troubled waters
Has washed away
I look on with disbelief
That such great strength
Could so easily give way
Against a rising tide
How do I now cross alone
These dark waters
Of deep unknown currents

The journey was long and difficult
My feet bled and my heart
Almost gave up
Before reaching this bridge
And I drew such comfort along its banks
As I rested awhile, basking in the sun’s warmth
Little did I know that a vicious tide
Had already begun to erode
My bridge over troubled waters

by Anita Atina

Comments (3)

Lyrical ode to Love. Nicely done, poet!
I know I am from You I know I will be to You I know I am in You.......... very fine theology........ spritual love and relationship with the Almighty who is beyond al l religious concepts. thank u dear Mahtab. tony
O' LOVE! You're imperishable You know better all .......... .......... I know I am in You I just know I am You! touching and so true. We are in love. Beautiful poem with nice imagery. 10