I Am Your Baby, Mum

I am your baby Mum.
I did not come on my own Mum.
God's angels flew down to your womb
from the mighty heavens

by Dr. Antony Theodore Click to read full poem

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This is a very lovely piece, with lyrical rendition and dramatic monologue that you successfully expressed in surrealism. Though fictional, yet the lesson is a generic kind that x-ray the impact of abortion to a foetus, because every conception has a purpose. Well written, easy to understand but deeper than it appeared piece.
Beautifully done, Poetic One! pleez do comment, review write your thoughts on my poem 2 :)
A poem that takes the right stance.
Crucial topic and that everyone should know life is too precious to just shut it off away.
Wow, sad Explicit Good poet
Sir I rated your poem 10. A moment before I was cruelly murdered I saw All-powerful God crying helplessly- A great message. Love your poem.
I disagree we do not know when the soul appears in this story but artistically the feeling of the poet by which he wants to influence things and the will of others can be preserved
Hi Antony, thanks for leaving me a message and guided me here. What made you want to write this poem?
it's painful to read the hard truth... I feel sorry for all the unborn babies. I love you dear angels.
Powerful lines, this poem needs to share for people to protect the next generation.keep writing
Excellent thought and Such Crimes should be stopped
It very much paints a visceral picture. It lulls you into a sense of safety then that line " ...on a cruel day you decided to kill me..." just punches you in the solar plexus. Well planned effect, sir.
very powerful poem and meaningful.wow.
An intriguing and insightful poem thanks for spreading the wealth- knowledge is wealth. Ty
The devils in the Hades danced while the angels in heaven cried. Very touching
I remember reading your great piece! On re-reading I am still impressed: what depth, what grace, what tenderness, what cruelty! 10+
Beautifully Written! ! Thumbs Up
i am non religious, and think abortion may be the right thing to do sometimes - it all depends on the situation...
The whole heaven cried, when the baby was aborted, but the devils in the danced on their heads. Excellent ideas! The allusion to the birth of Jesus Christ is rightly used.
I saw the all powerful God crying helplessly Very heart touching poem indeed