CLC (December 31 1988 / Dayton, Ohio)

I Am Your China Doll

You snuggle up beside me
Hold me close against your chest
You kiss my lips so gently
Yet it's full of zeal and zest

You hold me like a china doll
With care and love so true
Yet grip me tight so I won't fall
But only in love with you

You run your fingers through my hair
And claim that I am priceless
You say I am beautiful beyond compare
And anything but lifeless

You love to show me to your friends
You say that I am rare
You show me off until daylight ends
And then pack me up with care

When we get home you have your fun
Unwrapping your china doll
Your prized possession rightfully won
You play with and have a ball

And then you cuddle up beside me
And in your arms I fall asleep
You kiss my lips so gently
And say 'you I want to keep'

I am your china doll
Very precious I am to you
Don't break or let me fall
Keep me safe right next to you

by Catlin L. Crawford

Comments (2)

Stunningly portrayed as though as fragile and as beautiful and as the china you speak of Love duncan X
A lovely poem Catlin. Well written. Thank you.