I Waited A Long Time For You, And My Dream Came True

I was like a withered flower in a barren desert,
till I breathed your smile that brought life to my heart.

I was like a homeless child looking for a shelter.
till you got me in your heart, awh nothing is much better.

When I saw you, I felt my heart flying freely in the sky.
I said ' Angels don't exist, could she be a butterfly? ! '.
I waited a long time for the one who will wipe tears stuck in my eyes.
Then I met you, and to my lifelong loneliness said 'Good-bye'.

You taught me how to live, how to love, how to sacrifice.
Till you came into my life, my world turned to a paradise.

I wrote our story on the walls of my heart, to tell it to our children,
to teach them what true love is, and let our souls rest in Heaven.

by Abdallah Gamal

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There is a wonderful assurance in this poem, Amberlee, which promises great things.