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Till My Last Breathe (Being A Special Birthday Dedication To Me)
AC (12-16-1981 DOD: everyday / )

Till My Last Breathe (Being A Special Birthday Dedication To Me)

Till my last breathe Lord
I will praise and worship you
You held me aloft in your hands
Like Rafiki, You presented me like Simba
A trailblazzer, worldshaker and a star
Even in my unfaithfullness
I found myself in your throneroom of mercy
Thank You Lord!

You gave me a ministry and a mandate
Took me to a higher dimension of fellowship
To liberate my world from ignorance
That they be the best version of themselves
The journey has been rough
But it was worth all the struggles
For you demolished all strongholds
Thank You Lord!

You took me beyond limits
Annointed my mouth with fire
And made me a respectable brand
Who is like unto Thee "Baba"
The God of awesone wonders
Who turned a non-entity to a celebrity
Now, it is begining to make sense
Thank You Daddy!

Before You I wept for hours...
Asking questions, that I be not derailed
Sometimes I want to quit
Twice I tried to end it
Then I heard that still, small voice
Peace, be still, I am God
I came weeping, casting precious seeds
Today, it is all making sense
"Daalu Onye wem"

You made me a voice to the voiceless
Gave me a mouth they could not resist
This is me expressing my gratitude
To The One who gave me a lifeline
When lifes challenges became overwhelming
Today, I enter with worship
And it will end in praise
"Merci Mon Dieu"

For years I dwelled in unforgiveness
Then I retrogressed
You showed me to love
In the midst of persecution
Asking me what Jesus will do
When I finally let go
My heavens opened
My light began to lighten others
Thank You Jesus!

Let me walk with you like Noah
Befriend you like Abraham
Praise you like David
Give me intimacy like Isaac
Make me an intercessor like Jacob
Clothe me with the sterling qualities of Joseph
I want to love you like Moses
Please, give me grace to do Your will always

Today, I offer a sacrifice of praise
Receive it as a token of my love
You promised me Abrahamic blessings
On the occasion of today
Lord, I ask, open my heavens
And give me the grace of humility
In the midst of wealth and abundance

Lord, the hour has come
Give me a maiden like Rebekkah
My soulmate and my friend
The respository of my darkest secrets
That, when I worship in her altar
She will bare me my Antoinnete
Oh yes! My God answers prayers
No longer shall I dwell here
That I may be fruitful and multiply

Give me the grace to love her
The wisdom to be the leader
Love her like Christ loved the church
With all her beauty and intelligence
Grant her the wisdom to manage me
Not as a competitor, but "Completer"
Open the eyes our heart Lord
That we may live happily, ever after

For years, I pressed in faith
Runing towards my call
I have met unfriendly friends
Worse than a generation of Pharaoh
But still, You stood by me
And told them, "Touch not my annointed"
Your grace found me, grace kept me
"Nagode Yesu"

Lord, till my last breathe
I will praise you till fade
You have been my rock
One second to my shame You always show up
Goodbye to all torments
Goliath boasted for 40days
On the 40th night David stepped in
That ended the reign of Goliath
Lord, I am ready for the next phase

My soul is lifted up to You
Show me your path oh Lord
I'll wait on you Daddy
When You say "Go" I will go
When You say "Stop" I'll stop
In your wings of tender mercies will I dwell
Teach me to walk in love
In integrity and righteousness

With my psaltery and harp will I praise Thee
With a loud voice I'll tell it to all
How my Redeemer pulled me out of snares
My heart beats for you "Yesu"
In my joy, let them be blessed
That I be your evangelist by attraction
Even if the earth is removed
I'll be standing strong for you Lord

Seated on the holiest of holiest is my Yaweh
Who has made me to see four scores
And promised me longevity as a birthright
He is the King of all the earth
And in heaven HE reigns Supreme
Who am I, conceived in sin
Whom God has annoited for exploits
This God, HE never looked at my past
To create my glorious future

This is my story...
A story of triumph of faith
This is my story...
A story of God's unendig love
They said I'll not see my 40th
I was subjected to 61days fasting and prayer
They said I'll turn out a non-entity
Today, they are now my fans

I have entered my season of entronement
In the order of Joseph
Joshua began his work at 40
Jacob and Isaac, same timeline
The glory of 40 has come over me
Surely, this is a significant milestone
Today, I am 40, I am fortified
Somebody, help me shout Halleluia!

Friend, if you knew my past
You will appreciate my praise
If you knew my pain
You will understand my rants
If you know my God
You'll celebrate with me
Happy 40th birthday to me
The emergence of a Kingdom Star
The story has just begun...

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There is a wonderful assurance in this poem, Amberlee, which promises great things.