Love Makes

Love makes bitter things sweet.
Love turns copper to gold.
With love dregs settle into clarity.
With love suffering ceases.
Love brings the dead back to life.
Love transforms the King into a slave.
Love is the consummation of Gnosis.
How could a fool sit on such a throne?

by Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Comments (4)

Oh, Longing for lost love......well fate has something else....Nice poem...10
Shockingly succinct, considering the passage of time, remembering back to old days of youth and love; how best to describe the joys sorrows, the ups and downs of life and love? With a brief line 'For I was happy then, Not knowing heavenly joy, not knowing grief.' What more needs be said?
Apt lines and words in short lines of poem which mystical in character and pessimistic in nature and therefore feel with so much emotions which cannot be said in ordinary lines by a ordinary creator of poems. In poetic senses often comes very different notions of life situations and as the poet narrates human life is mixed feelings of joy and sorrow.
So much said in so few words. A perfect poem. M. E. Coleridge can see my heart.