Two Poems: (Numbers I And X In 'strange Meetings.')

If suddenly a clod of earth should rise,
And walk about, and breathe, and speak, and love,
How one would tremble, and in what surprise
Gasp: 'Can you move?'

I see men walking, and I always feel:
'Earth! How have you done this? What can you be?'
I can't learn how to know men, or conceal
How strange they are to me.

A flower is looking through the ground,
Blinking at the April weather;
Now a child has seen the flower:
Now they go and play together.

Now is seems the flower will speak,
And will call the child its brother --
But, oh strange forgetfulness! --
They don't recognize each other.

by Harold Monro

Comments (16)

A poem so brilliantly written. Thanks for sharing and congrats for being picked.
This poem is excellent with so many layers and imagery. The work of a master.
though i can think of better scenes to suit me, i smile at and appreciate collins' expression of contentment and the rich—so rich—sensory details and humorous excursions of imagination that characterize so much of his work. -GK
So forgive me! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Beautifully composed. Nice penmanship. Thanks and congratulations for being selected this poem as the poem of the day.
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