I Asked God Why Pt. Ii

I told myself I would not ask questions
That were not constructive and crazy
I told myself:
Enough is enough
I must stop being childish and lazy
‘Committed to work’
Is all I’ve heard
But I never execute it
And hence to myself I said
“Be serious and plan ahead
How you’re born, who cares much about it.”

* * * * * * * * * *
One day in church Father said
“Ask, and you will be answered.”
And I raised my hand
And took a stand
And said, “God never bothered.”

Just then Father asked me why so
And I told him about my questions
I waited and waited
but God never answered
And left me in suspense and vexations

Father said “Look around you
What you see and all that happened
Are actually God’s answers”

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