I Asked God Why Pt. Iii

My life is filled with money
And materials aplenty
And my plastic surgery went alright
My knowledge is broadening
I feel close to attaining
Perfection! -What a delight!

Diligence reaps success
What truth it has
My hard work has paid off its price
I thought myself silly
If I were still asking
God questions of my life

* * * * * * * *
One day I asked my friend
Who was fervent and pious
Why was she so relaxed and content
Why she had not much a penny
Neither successful nor pretty
But spent much time praying than working
And not receiving
What she was expecting.
And my friend said
“God gives me sufficiently
My endowments are his plans for me
I would never want excessively
For my needs, God would take care for me.”
And she told me
“Don’t choose independency.”

And yes, this is the answer God has been telling me.
Only, I never realised.

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Langston Hughes


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