AR (3-2-1945 / California)

I Auto Love You, But I Don’t

You put the brakes into my life
I just don’t start up the way I used to
You seem to have changed gears on me in the middle of the road
You slammed the door in my face
And my heart is boiling over
Oh how you used to charge up my battery
And the way you use to leave me so exhausted
Yes I could say you were the sparkplug of my dreams
But now I’m on the rack getting my oil changed
I guess that’s what happens when your warranty runs out
You gave me a good 50,000 miles
And I thought we were really cruising down the road of happiness
I thought my tank was full
But you siphoned all the energy out of me
I guess I pulled over one too many times
But love is not a toll road
And the license to love cannot expire
So I guess I’ll have to park this love affair
And try a new model that doesn’t require a test drive
One that is road tested
And a lifetime guarantee

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