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I Beg You
MN (11-08-1970 / )

I Beg You

When I heard you were in the hospital
it all became so clear.
I better take advantage of the time
while you are here.

We need to see eachother
and find a common ground.
It's taken over twenty years
for you to come around.

We've wasted our whole lifetime
There's so much we don't know.
I doubt you know my favorite song
or favorite t.v. show.

You say you've quit the smoking.
I fear it will not last.
If you don't take this seriously
You'll just repeat the past.

I'm begging you sincerely.
You say you'll be my mother.
To do this may take all you have.
Unlike you, I have no other.

You have two other daughters
To step into my place.
You are my only mother
and you cannot be replaced.

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Comments (4)

You inspire me. You're one of my favorites.
A beautiful poem about mother. thanks mary, Sincerely Arsiema
A lovely little prayer-like poem for the day after mother's day.
i enjoyed this poem very much, it made me think of my own mother, whom i miss more, each day that i, m away from her