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I Believe
PF Pam Fraser ( / )

I Believe

I believe in miracles.
and dreams that will come true.
I believe in tender moments.

I believe in reaching out,
and touching from the heart.

I believe that if we touch,
a gift we can pass on.

I believe that if you cry
your tears are not in vain.

when you're sad and lonely,
others know your pain.

I believe that when we laugh
a sparkle starts to shine,
and I just know that spark will spread
from more hearts than just mine.

I believe the gifts you have,
are there for you to share.
and when you give from the heart,
the whole world knows you care.

I believe that comfort comes
from giving part of me.
and if I share with others,
there's more for all to see.

I believe that love is still
the greatest gift of all.
and when it's given from the heart,
then not one of us will fall.

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