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I Believe
TC ( / Mississippi)

I Believe

Why would you ask me that?

Haven't you looked past the veneer?

Didn't you see the monster lurking in the shadows of my soul?

Did I not witness you staring in the portals of my heart?

Why have you permitted the charms of my tongue to cover your eyes with scales?

Why do you believe yourself immune to the fire that consumes me
From within?

Are you deaf to the screams of those caught in the path of my

Why do you profess love?

Does not what you felt more like to a mirage than the reality of
Something tangible?

Do not allow nostalgia to plow up the spiritual roots you have

Why are you so willing to sacrifice the sanctuary of your psyche?

By journeying into the black hole that completes the hellish pit of
My existence.


Oh, yes, because you

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Yes, belief is at the bottom of our whole successful life!