I Believe

I believe in love
I believe in the Ones high Above
I believe in death
I believe in eternal life, even after my final breath
I believe in being crazy
I believe in you and me
I believe in miracles
I believe anyone can make a difference, even if it's little
I believe that dreams do come true
I believe you can do whatever you set your heart and mind to
I believe that nothing is impossible for God
I believe everyone is great, even people who can't even nod
I believe that I have a purpose in life
I believe that my parents wisdom is as sharp as a knife
I believe in Hell
I believe that Hell is a terrible place, I can tell
I believe in second chances
I believe in magical dances
I believe in my friends and family
I believe that with God, I can see
I believe in the Bible
I believe that It is wonderful
I believe that the Truth will set you free
I believe you can be whoever you want to be

But I don't believe in being perfect, there is no way, no how
You're not even perfect when Jesus is in your life, at least not for now...

'God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son. Anyone who believes in him will not die but have eternal life.'
-John 3: 16

by Hannah Unknownnnnnn

Comments (2)

aww! thats good. i like it alot!
You WILL be perfect in Heaven! : D Thanks...