I Believe

I believe in
the real world
I believe in
the friendship and

by Laura arwen Click to read full poem

Comments (8)

Another enjoyed read of your work.
what a good thing to believe, keep it up poetess.
I believe also. Thoughtful and expressive poetry.
This poem is like a light breeze, a feather floating in the air, enjoyable to all who look at it.
Always I believe in my life and in my ideas I believe in the love and in the secret.. i believe in destiny, religions, sin, saving act of God. so goes the list of the faith.. thank you for the expressions of your belief. tony
Maybe the forgiveness. Thanks for sharing.
It's a nice poem. The last four lines are very nice: 'The believe is a soft breeze I believe in the peace'
I Believe you are a good writer.. Thanks for sharing...