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I Believe In Fairy Tales
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I Believe In Fairy Tales

Riding on the backs of giant snails
Ships with cotton candy sails
Iridescent castles, bubble blown
Mountains made of chocolate scones
Pigs that fly upside down in the sky
The moon at night made of cream pie
Riding through the sky on dragon tails
Sunbathing on the backs of whales
I believe in all these things
Even the lullabies a unicorn sings

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I just absolutely adore this poem. I'm not a poet, or anything. Just a mom. But is is just so...beautiful, fun, optimistic, vivid, and imaginative. The world is such a dark place right now, that we need to be reminded that there is still good and innocence in the world. My daughter (age 7) loves for me to read this to her right before she goes to sleep. She says it gives her good dreams. Helping children have good dreams seems like a pretty great achievement to me. I hope you have more poems like this stored in your psyche. It was just so...magical and inspiring. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift with us. We are looking forward to your future poems with great anticipation.