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I Believe In Us

I believe in us, against all odds, against all adversities, against our own mistakes,
I believe in us.

I believe in a love that comprises sacrifices,
I believe in a love that fights and conquers,
a love that overcomes, a love that is steadfast and stays put.
A love that grows stronger in times of adversity
and weathers the blows unwaveringly.

I believe in that which I feel for you,
I believe in that love I have for you
and in what I'm willing to take in order to achieve that with you.

I believe in the way I found you,
in the way we found each other,
in what I felt for you when I sat there with you.

Even when my tree seems to be being pulled and yanked from its roots,
I stay firm,
because I believe in how my steps led to you.

I believe that love is stronger that anything else in this world,
I believe firmly in that.
And that is what I'm intent on, what I stand for.
And that is just all you need to know about how I do,
and would, love you.

January 4,2012

by Piccola Scimmia

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