AL (november 7,1957 / dapitan city)

I Believe In You.... Dear

life is full of meaning that only you and i can tell
everything we share and take, is just but a memories
to remember, that we have partake, the pain and joy is
an experienced of life, a thing to ponder, that we live
is not a journey of lossing oneself but a giving of the best
in you, in giving we learn to live again

life has no contenment it is in our heart that makes it
satisfying to live, for in dying oneself we learn that giving is
something most value of what our soul cherish, our heart desire
to live of what is love, but only in giving that we die

life desire the best to live, for in you, i learn to die, a painful life
encounter of my soul, it is in giving of what is dying that the
meaning of existence is dying the most value in you

your not an angel that i forsake, not even God whom i adore,
nor the master of myself that i respect, or a designer of my
destiny, yet your the wisdom of time that makes me what i am

life that i live with you, is but a searcher of who iam in you, in the
universe, in the moment of time where i exist, your something
that my soul can't resist......
a light that transcent beyond my sight
a sky that i can reach and touch
a horizon of rays that only i can feel
a beauty that flows within my soul
a wisdom that only you can whisper in my heart
a voice of en endless time that tells me that i am not alone

life we take in our journey to the beyond time, is wonderful, and the
answer of fate we meet is a beginning of our unending committment
to live where it ends

by Antonio Liao

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