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I Bleed For You
ZC ( / Lewisham)

I Bleed For You

Poem By zoe Christodoulou

I have bled 1000 times for you,
You know I’d do anything for you,
But here you are calling up your demons,
What kind of man are you?
My divine blood I spill for you
I love you

I bleed for you,
You betray me,
That is why I am writing this letter,
When you find it I will be here no more,
I am spilling blood for you,
But you don’t love me any more,
So I have no reason to go on,
I am no more

My life should end here,
My unhappiness tears me apart,
I was happy ‘til you stopped,
Your love for me had gone,
You stayed and told me it wasn’t true,
But I know your lies

I need you,
Without you I am nothing,
I will curl up and die,
What reason have I got to live,
You are my life,
Nothing less,
But the feeling is not mutual,
You care not for me but for yourself

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