I Bring You Flowers

I bring you flowers my beautiful dove.
For I have no other way, to show my love.
As I touch this cold white marble stone
I feel helpless my child, and oh, so alone.
All I have are sweet memories, I hold close to my heart.
And the many things of which I could never part.
The pictures and keepsakes from your seventeen years
I cherish them with smiles, and sadness, and many tears.
Remembering the joy I felt, as you nuzzled against my arm.
I made a vow then to protect you from all harm.
As I kissed your fingers,
and touched your feather soft face
All I ever wanted to do was keep you safe,
and in a warm place.
But fate, with it's ugly face, would not have it that way.
It cruelly snatched you from me
on that cold December day.
All of my planning could not keep you safe my dear.
No amount of love or protection could have kept you here.
I've come to know there are no safe keeping powers.
So my beautiful dove, I bring you flowers.

by Debra W. Shuler

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