I C You

I C YOU from afar

You Walk & Talk with
Confidence and Grace

Happiness isn't the word for you


No Bitterness
Just Pure Joy
Joy of Love
Joy of Life

Your so Full of Life

Your Smile is Brighter than the Sun
and when you Laugh its like a
Soundwave, an Aftershock
Traveling through the air so ALL
can glance and follow the sound

Your Eyes are Wide Open
as if you can see everything & through

Your Contiguous, I want more

I get closer... you see me & move
but still I follow & get closer
Your Smile is gone

As I get closer the world fades to a
Grayish/Black & White
but I see some color
Its almost as if the room is now

I find you again
Your sitting with your head in your hands

I move closer, You walk to Me
Stand in front of me
Eye to Eye
Toe to Toe
Hand to Hand

It feels as if we are ONE


And the only color left is the
Fire in your Eyes
and the
Blood in your Heart

Your not Dead
There's still Life in you

Your Eyes have every color a Flame can have
along with the tears that have fallen on your face
But the puddle you left behind
Now looks more of a Rainbow than a Flame

Your Blood in your Heart
is the Dark Red like you would see before it gets air
But it Glows like Gold with the same Fire that is in
your Eyes


We asked simultaneously
I give a vacant & sorrowful stare
You smile, making the Fire in your Eyes
Bigger and Brighter

I start to walk
You walk beside me

As we walk we smile and Talk
As we walk we cry and Fight

as we fight the hallways are getting narrow
the rooms smaller

We fight about the Past
Comparing scars and battle wounds
giving each more as we physically fight for more room to walk

WE TALK! ! !
the color comes slowly

We talk about the Past
Wide Eyes full of tears but we get over it,
knowing it can't be changed but lived & learned from
We come to an agreement

We Fight about the Present
And AGAIN we fight for more room to walk, it's as
if your on my Back Choking me

How we both agree how we are living & the routes
that have been taking aren't the right ones.
and we want more outta Life & Better

You get closer to me

We Talk about the Present
Every step we make or thing we touch color comes back
I feel some happiness & Joy, but yet WE are still
Gray & the Soulless feel still lingers

Funny how we talk the same language but don't/didn't undertstand
As if we're reading the same page but different lines in two different dilects
As we compromise and agree/disagree on things
We make it work

You get closer even more than the last time
At this point we are joined together waist down

I guard myself on the Fight to come.... The FUTURE
I walk away from you ready for a War
The Connection
The Oneness we had
I've Broken
I feel Alone & Scared but Never Show It

We Stop Walking

I ask what about the Future
backing away

You say this is what the Futur1e has to COME

I'm fighting, throwing things
Screaming & Bleeding

You're Dodging All of my Attacks
And finally GRAB ME

I closed my eyes and to my surprise
You show me the Future;
Of All the Agreements & Compromises
I've made to better myself
It's all I could EVER DREAM OF.....
Its's what I have DREAMED OF & More

And the Future of the Path I'm on Now

Loneliness HATE
More Pain
and Self-Destruction

I cry, Gray tears in a Colorful Room

You tell me to 'MAKE A CHOICE'

And warn me of how MY choice can
keep you and change you back to who
I longed for
Can leave me for good

I made my Choice

We walk down the last narrow hallway with
a door at the end
A Bathroom
You open the door

I shower

You say 'I'm going to where I belong Now'

I rush out to catch You
But your already gone

I slowly get dressed then sit with my head in hands crying
I thinking of my journey with You
Years may have Past during it
but Here and Now I am
Grateful for it
And Long for more


I look around and see a Mirror


I walk closer and stare at myself

I walk even closer and stand
Eye to Eye
Toe to Toe
Hand to Hand

Of all the color on me
I C the Fire in my Eyes &
The Blood in my Heart




by Shemeka N Daniels

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