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''I Call The Credit Card! ''
MN (11-08-1970 / )

''I Call The Credit Card! ''

The mailman walks so slowly.
They see him near our box.
The kids all run to check the mail
(normally without socks!)

''I call the credit card! ''
They say because they know.
We've now grown to expect it
like cold weather brings the snow.

It's one of the usual pieces
that they've come to just expect...
each day we're offered credit cards
(that they think we can't reject) .

Another line of credit!
Hey, here's $50,000 more!
I've never owned a credit card
and I'll never owe a store.

Although we've never had one
we're offered every day.
The kids use them for bookmarks.....
It's much cheaper that way!

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Comments (3)

We don't use crdedit cards either Mary, they're a real pain, and we get just as much junk mail about them here too. I really did enjoy reading this one it lifted my spirits today. Love Ernestine XXX
I love your humor Magy. Very clever and universal. Stay away from credit cards, they are evil. Rickie
As often as they offer them, you could collect them like baseball cards.