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I Came Across A Picture

I came across a picture,
Two lovers hand in hand,
They’re strolling in the sunset,
Both barefoot in the sand.

They’re gazing at each other,
The way all lovers do,
It’s such a lovely picture,
So strange, he looks like you.

But tell me, who’s the lady,
You’re just about to hold,
She doesn’t look a bit like me,
I wouldn’t be so bold.

And tell me why you keep it,
Hidden secretly away,
Did you think I wouldn’t find it,
What are you going to say.

The proof is there for all to see,
You’re playing away from home,
You say the trip was business,
But you were not alone.

You found another woman,
To pass off as your wife,
I can’t believe the pain I feel,
What will happen to my life.

I made my plans around you,
Sacrificed so many years,
I’m faced now with betrayal,
And angry, bitter tears.

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