I Came Upon Your Write

I came upon your write,
With some delight.
Wishing to know you more,
I read and read some more.

Mysterious and secret As ever,
Hints yes,
whole truth never.

I walked the length of your verse,
Even the terse,
Perhaps the shorter The better.

Your heart has been broken,
That much I gathered.
Have faith and trust,
It's better.

You may have been unfortunate,
But don't let that set you back,
You're a man of courage,
Even I can see that.

Forget the past,
Look to the future,
With bright eyes
And confident smile.

Trust me a bit,
You owe me that,
You might be wary,
But sure not to regret.

I have your interests at heart
That much you can trust.
Don't let me down,
Give me a chance,
We'll both be happy
You'll see. Trust me.

Don't be short and rude,
Test me if you will,
Patience is my forte,
Don't you see,
It's been so long
Waiting for you to trust
More I'll wait,
If I must.

Don't grumble for lack of love,
If you have it and don't trust,
You can't push people away,
And have them too,
It doesn't work that way.

Risk is to take,
Lose is to win.
It's all about give and take,
Not take and take.

Once bitten twice shy,
But who can say,
They never hurt another,
Even if they're saint,
Just doesn't work that way.

I phone and call,
I sms too,
Ignore me you did,
And still do,
What am I to do
To get through to you?

You are so right,
Relationships are trouble,
But if you're lucky to have one,
Take it on the double.

It's good if you treat it well,
And it has to be forgive and forget,
No regrets,
'Cos if you look back,
It's either all roses or despair,
Depends on your outlook
If the glass is half empty or
Half full.

by Holly Moon

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A very pretty poem with great images. Thanks.