I Can Do Better

I hear your words, words of hate.
What have i done? We used to be so great.
You treat me like muck on your shoe,
I try my best, I've stood by you.

I think i deserve better, a bit of respect,
But why can't I leave? I can get better yet.
Arguing is all we ever seem to do,
When it comes to love you havent got a clue.

I'm sick of your stares and your evil eyes,
Your dirty looks and your friends out as spies.
Leave me alone, start being a mate,
We'll never stay together if you carry on at this rate.

I can't stand your jealousy, stop accusing me!
Your a cheating rat, stop using me!
I love you dearly but I've had enough,
Please be gentle with my heart, stop being so rough!

by Alexandria Valena

Comments (3)

This poem is well written. Bien!
An abusive relationship... I've been around people in some. The way you wrote this, conveying the emotions... you did well.
Beautful Alexandria keep writing Chhavi Anupam