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I Can Fly

Our Minds running in circles,
Thinking of what could be.
Kids playing here and there,
I watch them from up so high.

Wishing I could join them someday,
But I can't unless I'm able to turn back time.
I'm all alone up here,
And they're all together.

I wish and dream to be with them,
But I'm a bird mellow and calm.
Beautiful colors on my wings,
Of red and blue.

But I sometimes think to myself,
What if they were me...

by Taylor Naussner

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Comments (3)

Interesting concept. Usually we have people who want to fly like birds, and here we have a bird who wants to be like the people. I like it.
It's beautiful. When a poem can be felt...
An insightful train of thought well articulated and nicely penned from heart. Thanks for sharing Taylor.