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I Can Just Picture You All Sitting There 2
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

I Can Just Picture You All Sitting There 2

can just picture it in my head.
All of you sitting there.
My beloved family.

Asking yourselves why.
Why'd she do it
What possed her
But I think you no the answers.

I'd had a lot of abuse.
Memories dragging me down
Deppresion taking over.
Suicide reared its head.

Im sorry that i did this.
But really you'll forget me soon.
Be not sad and angry.
You never really understood me
Or my actions
So I doubt you'll understand this.

I can see you all sat there
Thinking and wondering why.
Why such a waste.

Im sorry i did give you all a thought.
But my need to die was grater.
It was stonger than any thing.
Anything i ever felt before.

Well none of that matters now
Im gone from this shitty life of pain.

Im so sorry
Really i am
But i just couldnt face another day.
So see it really was the best way.
It was my only hope

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