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I Can Just Picture You All Sitting There 2
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

I Can Just Picture You All Sitting There 2

Poem By Amy Louise Kerswell

can just picture it in my head.
All of you sitting there.
My beloved family.

Asking yourselves why.
Why'd she do it
What possed her
But I think you no the answers.

I'd had a lot of abuse.
Memories dragging me down
Deppresion taking over.
Suicide reared its head.

Im sorry that i did this.
But really you'll forget me soon.
Be not sad and angry.
You never really understood me
Or my actions
So I doubt you'll understand this.

I can see you all sat there
Thinking and wondering why.
Why such a waste.

Im sorry i did give you all a thought.
But my need to die was grater.
It was stonger than any thing.
Anything i ever felt before.

Well none of that matters now
Im gone from this shitty life of pain.

Im so sorry
Really i am
But i just couldnt face another day.
So see it really was the best way.
It was my only hope

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