AK (04 06 1987 / Bath UK)


The moon did not become the sun.
It just fell on the desert
in great sheets, reams
of silver handmade by you.

The night is your cottage industry now,
the day is your brisk emporium.

The world is full of paper.
Write to me.

(The Half-Inch Himalayas, 1987)

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your work is amazing, its brought me to tears. im very sure there are many people you can talk this all through with, as long as you put trust in anyone you can do anything. anything is concerable. all of the things you are speaking about, i have seen people go through, and i am only young. but they all maniged to pull through, with great companions anything is acomplishable. trust me. you will allways have people there looking after you, there are allways thoughs who would want to help you, and be there for you. wether you no it or not. xxxlove youxxx luke