I Can Never Let It Show

All that's left to do
Is forget about the past
But I can't forget you
I don't want the misery to last
So I get up
Get dressed
I PRETEND to be happy
But no one can guess
That I'm completely devestated
As I watch happy people walk by
Why me
Why do I have to be the one to cry
He was all I wanted
Why did he have to go
But I have to keep it a secret
I can never let it show
For a very good reason:
I don't know what he'll say
If he finds out
That I still love him in everyway

by M.A. Ces

Comments (1)

Great poem! As women, we never want to let the heartache to show, we're supposed to be stong right? But truth be told, when you loose the one you love it's the hardest feeling to surpass. And I've found that no matter how much pain you go through you still don't want to forget the times you shared together. Great work, it's so true! !