I Can No Longer Live For You

I spent my life loving you-
not someone like you, but YOU;
not a part of you, but YOU.
I spent my life knowing you,
hearing your heartbeat, painting your smile;
memorizing your thoughts, reading your eyes.
You thought that if you wear a mask,
I wouldn't know at all.
But then I do, coz all my life
I did nothing but living for you.
It's not your face that matters at all,
I can always see your soul.
You might not tell me if youre there
but I can feel your shadows.
It's not your voice that matters at all,
I can always hear your heart.
I can recognize your footsteps,
I can read what's on your mind.
You know that I would sense the truth,
you know that i would feel it.
You didnt tell me- were you afraid?
You twisted all you said.
I loved you and I love you-
I can always forgive you...
I can always understand you.
I waited to hear the truth from you
but why the silence?
Maybe because you dont love me
enough to tell me;
you dont love me enough
to win me back...
you dont love me enough
to care what I feel.
You just dont love me and Im sorry
I can no longer live for you.
I cant forever live for you.
Many times i hoped that i could touch forever
and beg him then to stay.
But then he didnt-
Yet, I wont live forever just to feel your love.
Im sorry, I cant do it-
I can no longer live for you...
but die for you, I will.

by Jessel Jane Tevar Toring

Comments (5)

This poem has said it all.You wrote my emotions down for me.Thank you! ! !
All the turmoil of passion and its pain. Powerful and evocative. Thanks.
nice! honestly, i felt this one in the past... thanks for sharing! 10!
One of the best poems I've ever read. These emotions you wrote with are written on my heart, you just had the heart to say it. Thank you.
This is wonderful poetry. I enjoyed reading it immensely.