KNS (July 14,1965 / New York)

I Can Not Image

I can not image the world that you lived in from the good to the bad or will I try, I can not image how or why God placed us in each lives but I will continue to love you as long as you allow me too.

I can not image having no support from my family, friends or even others; I can not image being a lone in this cold world and being ok with it as you just pressing on.

I can not image how your life was, to me it feels as if we lived in two unusual worlds, we have encounter to many problems and so many disappointments that it is hard to let go and allow someone in our life without the question why.

I offend wonder what is going through your mind and how did you find the courage to carry on? What made you the man that I see standing in front of me? And why do you love me? I had so many questions that are no longer needed to be answered since it will not change my feelings.

The more time past the more I have a clearer picture of you and although I still can’t image what kind of life you lived I am no longer consumed by it.

I realize that at some point God had our cross roads to meet and to inner link them together and that I can image a new life with you.

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