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I Can Not Wait For You
FEB (May 14,1953 / Pittsburgh, PA)

I Can Not Wait For You

i can not wait for you
for i am sure
you have heard
i wait for no one
not even you
it has always been
this way and you
can not change things
i will come
whether you are ready
for me or not
but it is up to you
what you do with me
it has always been
up to you for
i was there when
you were born into
this world and
i will be there until
the very end

you may curse me
you may try your
very best to out wit me
but you can not win
for i was set in motion
long before you took
your very first breath
many times you
have struggled against me
but your efforts only
made matters worse
i could be your friend
if you would only trust me

you know me
all too well i suppose
telling you patience
is a virtue would only
make you hate me
oh, so many people waste me
for to them i am merely time
but you are beautful
in your own way so
use me wisely
for i am thine

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