WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

I Can Save You

I can't change mankind
But I can change myself
I can't save the world
but I can save you on a shelf

A lonely picture hangs in a lonely room
It saves me this time
From a bad memory
And I tell myself I'm fine

I don't have the courage
To make it through
But I have faith
I can save you

I need to find piece of mind
But it eludes me, it soothes me
It catches me, I'll fetch the fee
I don't need you, I need a brew

Its time for the freak show
Come and see it now
Look at all the wonders
Watch the dog meow

Look now at center stage
A broken man and a burnt heart
Freak of the world
But I'm not torn apart

I left you the best part
But you didn't care
I can change the world
But I can't save this heart

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