RLF ( / Atlantic Beach, Florida)

I Can See God

Wherever we go... whatever we do
You can be sure that God is there too
High on the mountain tops...or down deep in the sea
I can see God looking right down at me
He's reaching down...or He's holding my hand
God whispers softly...deep within my soul
Wherever I go in this beautiful land
I can see God in the face of a child
Or the eyes of the man whose wrinkled...but wise
I can see God in the grace of a deer
And the wings of the dove... He created with care
He's gracious...He's good...He's loving and kind
He comforts the broken hearted
And opens the eyes of the blind
Yet He's strong and He's mighty
His power has no end...
He's King of Kings...The Rock of All Ages
He's The Lily of the Valley
He's Savior...and He's Friend.

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