Just Another Night With My Psychic Girlfriend

In our little
single bed

I become
your bed.

I am what
you sleep upon

as you drift away
you sleepily say

(your words getting entangled
in my chest hair) :

'There's a man
a long elongated man

wrapped up in a long
black cloak

standing at the foot
of the bed

looking at me just
...looking at me! '

Of course there is...'

I say
soothing you to sleep.

'It's ok...I'm here! '

I convince you
to close your eyes

and sleep embraces you
in my arms.

And only now
do I look

and...there is a man!

A long elongated man
in an El Greco type way

just standing there
looking...just looking at me!

I should be afraid
in his ghostly presence

but he radiates

a love that pierces
the heart

and passeth all understanding.

We stare
at each other

for an hour

until he vanishes
into dawn

and I vanish
into sleep.

by Dónall Dempsey

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