I Can'T Be Perfect

I’m sorry baby
That I broke your heart
Because I, too
Was torn apart

But you see my dear
I have to do what they think is best
I cannot disappoint them,
So I must not protest

Yes, babe, you hit it on the nose
What they expect, I know I cannot achieve
Come on! Did you really think
I was that naive? !

No, sweet heart
You do not belong in their plan for my perfection
You did everything you could to be good enough
But you just didn’t pass their inspection

Don’t waste your tears on me, my love
Because loving me is out of the question
So pick yourself up
Get out of this depression

‘Cause baby, we both know
It’s too much for them to expect.
It’s unattainable
No one’s perfect.

by tiffani staar

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